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September 01
iPad Purchase

Like last year, Hilder Road is unable to make recommendations of where to purchase BYOD iPads. If you scroll down through the previous blogs you will see information regarding contact information of companies claiming to do deals for schools. I have contacted Domayne again and they are willing to put on paper their offer. I have included it in this link: Domayne School offer. Note that this store is on the way to the Gold Coast and the price is for an instore purchase only.

The other companies listed below will not commit to a written quote, but will negotiate based on your needs.

Nextbyte - Amber Mcpherson 0419397730
JbHiFi - Craig Davidson 0409462412
Harvey Norman - Michele Mattiuzzi 0282415403 or 0422386606
Apple Store - Chermside - 3115 0800
Domayne Computers Bundall - Simon or Ricky 07 5553 2100


August 24
iPad Proposal for 2016

​What is the specification for the device for the 2016 iPad classes?

Minimum specification for the 2016 iPad classes is the iPad Air 32gb wifi.

Please note that no iPad mini or 3G/4G devices will be accepted due to the nature of use within the class.

Will a second class be offered if an iPad class already exists in the year level in future?

Provided infrastructure in place at the time is able to handle the devices, classes will be dependant on the interest of the school community. eg. If Year 4 already has an established iPad class rolling over from previous year, when expressions of interest are called for, if there is enough interest, a new iPad class will be offered in that year level.

What benefits have you noticed in using iPads this year?

We have found that the benefits have come in the area of 'feedback'. The iPads provide an opportunity for students to create a digital copy of much of their learning which not only allows the teacher to view this learning through 'Airplay' or file transfer, but also allows them to 'talk about' their learning with the whole class at once or take their learning home to parents and show them what they have learned (a rare thing!).

The devices also provide the opportunity for an engaging variety of ways to reinforce concepts that would otherwise rely on large amounts of physical resources or adult assistance.

What problems have you encountered throughout the year?

Actually, the main issues have come from children forgetting or not charging their iPads ready for the next day or communication problems that lead to iPads not having the required apps or updates when they are needed, but these are isolated cases.

Most connectivity cases can now be sorted on site without having to seek offsite tech support.

Who will the teachers be for the Year 2 and Year 4 iPad classes?

Mr Collins and Mrs Quill will remain the Year 2 iPad class teachers for 2016 and Mrs Stocks and Mrs Lyons will remain the Year 4 iPad class teachers for 2016.

The teachers for the current iPad classes that will move up next year are still being decided. All teachers have had access to iPads for some time now and have received training with them in preparation for this hand-over.

December 08
iPad Purchasing for BYOD 2015

​A big thank you to Amie Sapiecha-Griffin for looking into deals for iPads and package deals for the iPad classes next year. The following are all business education numbers and they do offer discounted prices compared to the main store prices.

Nextbyte - Amber Mcpherson 0419397730
JbHiFi - Craig Davidson 0409462412
Harvey Norman - Michele Mattiuzzi 0282415403 or 0422386606
Apple Store - Chermside - 3115 0800
Domayne Computers Bundall - Adam 07 5553 2100
Domayne was the only store to offer a written pricing. Ultimately the decision to purchase from these or any reseller belongs to the family. The pricing Domayne has offered may be useful as a bargaining tool!
Please remember that we require iPad 4 minimum with 16gb storage. We have been advised recently by schools that have been in a BYOD program for a while that they believe the 16gb may cause space issues if it is also used as a social device at home.
Remember also that you require a solid and reliable protective cover (We use Griffin Survivor Cases), a stylus and approximately $60 itunes credit over and above the apps to be purchased for the beginning of the year.
For other questions please contact me:
October 21
iPad Discussion Post 6

​We have looked further into our initial decision regarding which iPads we require for the iPad classes in 2015. The device required to be a part of the 2015 iPad Classes is:

iPad 4, iPad with retina display or iPad Air 16gb wifi

(iPad mini, earlier iPad models and 3G versions if iPad will NOT be accepted)

Apart from the question about clarification of model on our parent evening, I have had further emails suggesting that even earlier versions of iPad would be sufficient. This is not the case. Some earlier releases of iPad do not support all the functionality of current operating systems, let alone being able to support future ios upgrades. Already options such as Siri and Airdrop are not supported on earlier iPad releases so it is to be expected that in future ios releases that earlier versions may not be compatible with some of what these releases have to offer.

The other issue is warranty. IPads that are over 2 years old will be out of warranty, meaning that any issue relating to the device that cannot be fixed with a simple software rebuild would require major expense and repair time, or possibly the purchase of a new device anyway. While we will put in place a system whereby loan devices will be able to be used for short periods while warranty repairs take place, it was never intended that devices that are 2,3 or even 4 years old would be supported under this system.

These early devices will also not come with the free Apple software we will require to be installed. It would need to be added at extra cost.

We understand the issue of many parents who already have these devices in the home and cannot see the reasoning for the purchase of another device, but we ask that you understand that we are looking at a 3 year school life for these devices and with the expected productive life of electronic devices being around 3 to 4 years, any iPad that is already 2, 3 or even 4 years old will be well and truly obsolete and unable to fulfil the expected requirements of a 2017 classroom.

Remember that the whole presentation from the parent evening is available through the 'For Parents' link on the school home page.

If you wish to clarify anything, please contact Andrew Collins on

October 09
iPad Discussion Post 5

Many parents have contacted me asking for data on improved learning outcomes and other research in relation to iPads in the classroom. iPads are still relatively new to Education and there is not a great deal of difinitive data to present, however, I have found what I believe to be a very well written article which addresses a great number of questions and concerns that have been raised by parents. I believe it is well worth the lengthy read.

University of London Discussion Paper​

September 15
iPad Discussion Post 4

​Continued responses to parent queries.

On consultation with our Web-Services division, we have been advised that  Blogs on Education websites cannot be responded to directly. If you wish to sent further questions or respond to posts made here, please email me through this link: Andrew Collins

1. The proposal just seems too expensive.

This concept needs to be looked at over the intended 3 year cycle. While some device programs have an annual fee per year, our proposal requires purchasing of nearly all its requirements up front. Hilder Road State School has comparatively low student enrolment costs, and if your family opts out of this program, this will not change. Be aware that The Gap High School are considering BYOD options beginning next year to take the place of the device leasing scheme that is currently costing parents between $250 and $350 per year.


2. How will you manage iPad use to ensure the children are not 'glued to their iPad' all day?

The iPad classrooms will be managed like any other classroom. The iPads will not be used for every teaching situation and there will be a routine for placing them in a position from which they should not be touched. If they are misused there will be clear consequences. The iPads will not be used as a 'gaming' device, but we aim to use mainly generic apps that can be incorporated across the curriculum.


3. Is there wifi access in the classrooms?

Yes, it will be necessary in order for us to get the most from the iPads. All classrooms in the school currently have wifi access, however, we are reviewing the speed of this access for next year. The immediacy of access to information etc is one of the benefits of a 1 to 1 program in a school situation. As in the above question, there will always be management considerations surrounding this access.


4. How will the students be selected for the classes?

There will be a number of factors taken into consideration with regard to selecting the makeup of the classes next year. Firstly, parent interest: if we do not get enough interest from parents, the proposal will not go ahead. Secondly, we will take into consideration all the usual issues that we would when selecting students for any new class. There will, of course, be special considerations for students where there is educational merit in offering an iPad to benefit their particular learning style.


5. Will there still be a stationery levy for the iPad classes?

Yes, though we will review the booklist to decide whether all the current items are necessary, these classes were never intended to be paperless. The students will still be writing in books, colouring in, cutting and gluing as they have always done. 


Again, if you have any further questions or comments regarding what has been discussed please contact me through this link: Andrew Collins


September 08
iPad Discussion Post 3

​Responding to more questions and concerns with regard to the BYOD option for 2015.

1. Why not offer a bulk purchase of iPads from the school that can then be purchased by parents at a cheaper price?

Unfortunately, any item purchased by the school and resold must include a GST component so any saving would be lost. It would also cause problems with warranties and servicing as we would then be a re-seller.

2. Will the learning program differ between classes in the year level because of the iPad classes?

No. The introduction of iPads is all about providing an opportunity to deliver the current curriculum in a diverse and modern way, not about targeting improvement in learning outcomes. There is no definitive data linking improved outcomes with BYOD classes to date. Non-BYOD classes will still have the opportunity to book the sets of school iPads for lessons if desired.

3. Why Years 2 and 4? Why not consecutive grades?

As this will be the first year of the intended trial, we want to monitor a spread of levels to note the variety of opportunities we can provide in various ages. We also wanted the classes to have at least 3 consecutive years of device use at Hilder Road to get maximum value from the purchase. If successful, these children would continue to use their device in future classes.

September 02
iPad Discussion Post 2 - Protection

Many questions were returned surrounding the issue of protection of devices.

1. Who insures the iPads?

The devices will be owned by families so the responsibility for insuring the items whether at home or at school will belong to the family.

2. How will protection of the iPads be assured?

No item in a public place will have guaranteed protection at all times, however it is intended that all BYOD devices will be secured in some form of lockable storage within the classroom when the class is out.

We are recommending a good quality protective case for the iPads to protect against droppage. The school currently uses Griffin Survivor cases which are military grade covers and retail for around $80 to $90.

Devices will be used by the student only, not shared around the class.

We will discuss safe practice in transporting the devices very early in the year to ensure students are aware of their responsibility with regard to protecting their device.​

August 26
The 2015 BYOD iPad Class Proposal

Hilder Road State School has presented to parents of current Year 1 and Year 3 students a proposal to introduce one iPad class in Year 2 and one iPad class in Year 4 in 2015. These classes will consist of selected students with devices that meet the specifications that will be forthcoming, supplied by parents. The intent is to provide further opportunity for students to access the curriculum through modern technology as well as traditional means. There will be a Parent Information Evening early in Term 4 to provide more information field questions and guage continued interest in the proposal.

This blog is an opportunity to disseminate information as well as collect and deal with further questions from Year 1 and Year 3 parents that have arisen since the expression of interest forms were sent home.

We will endeavour to post answers to some questions already received so that parents are more informed when the evening comes.

1. Will iPad Mini's be acceptable?

No, the screen size in relation to some of the intended activities is prohibitive. The size of a regular iPad screen will allow similar size to regular books that the children use for drawing and writing in.

2. Why iPads and not other tablet devices?

Currently, iPads are the best supported tablet device in the state education system. As we are starting out on this journey, it is felt that a uniform device with good support is the logical choice for us.

Please post questions regarding the proposal and continue to watch this space for more information on the BYOD classes.​


 About this blog


Welcome to the Hilder Road State School  Blog page.  Currently the page will be devoted to the  proposed 2015/16 BYOD iPad trial for Years 2 and 4. This will provide opportunity for these parents to find out more and add thoughts and questions surrounding the proposal.